Saturday, November 1, 2008

Oct 08 Pictures

The first picture is of my submission to the Pensacola Quilt Guild challenge. They gave us a index card with 3 color chips on it. We had to find fabric to match the colors and make either a 18x18" or 36x36" quilt. The theme was "Shades of Nature".
My quilt is a 18x18" and the name is "Mother nature dreams". It has no straight lines and it was my first attempt at curves. The image of mother nature was done on silk that went through my printer. It is free motion quilted with metalic and rayon thread and hand beaded.
The next picture is a group of ladies who met for 2 days and sewed for Sew Much Comfort. This is an organization to sew adaptive clothes for our wounded military personel.

These are pictures of Buster "Cowboy", Penney "hotdog" and Irma "a horse". I made Buster and Penney's costumes and we went to PetSmart for their Halloween contest.
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