Thursday, November 22, 2007

Day one

Well I decided to join the Blogging community. I do not know how often I will have time to post, but promise to post as I create new items. Today is Thanksgiving 07, and I will have my family and sewing friends over for a 2pm Lunch/Supper. I belong to the Pensacola ASG chapter and I have to finnish my challenge for our December social. We need to take something out of our closet that we have not used in over a year or no longer fits, and create something new. I went to a thrift store and found 2 dresses in a red fushia color, and plan on making a jacket. Will post pictures as I progress. I also have to make a silent auction quilt for our quilt guild show (march 08), and plan on starting it after my ASG challenge. I also have all my Christmas gifts to make. Lets see, 4 weeks to Christmas and as usual, I have nothing done. Will close for now and get busy.

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