Thursday, June 19, 2008

Designs by Deila

Today I am starting my podcast of Southern Inspiration. Episode 1 is an introduction to my interests and groups that I belong to locally. I promised some more information in my podcast so below are the links and pictures will follow soon. ( I hope!) I am busy sewing up some clothes for my trip next month to Chicago for the national ASG conference and also I am trying to get our chapters newsletter ready to go out next week. In an hour or so I am teaching some young ladies to sew a dress. It is the Simplicity #3546
The music credit is from Jamendo, the artist Alainprovist and the album is Azyl.
I wanted to give you a link to the National American Sewing Guild and also to our local chapter website.
Here is a link to the Lois Erickson pattern I am sewing, in the studio 7. I hope to have a picture of the 2 shirts after they are finnished.
Here is a link to the One Sole shoe that I was talking about and also to Sassy Feet.
Here is a link to Tammy Tadd purse that I made, it is called the Convert-able.

I will close for now and will post soon with some pictures.

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laurie said...

Hi Delia,

I am busy sewing up some clothes for my trip next month to Chicago for the ASG conference too. I took a look at at your newsletter on the asg website and love it, you are doing terrific job on it. I am the president of the Bend, OR American Sewing Guild chapter and you can view our newsletter on the asg website as we do not have a website. I am excited about going to the ASG conference and looking forward to renewing friendships that I made at the Sacramento conference last year ( it was my first conference) and making some new friends in Chicago. I will be rooming with the president's of the Maryland, Orlando and Miami chapters. I will post your blog on my blog. I am new to blogging too and I do not always keep it it up but need to start doing that but it seems that sewing and ASG seems to take up a lot of my time, of course there is family obligations too. I look forward to meeting in you in Chicago.