Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Episode 4 show notes

August 5, 2008.

Well I did make my podcast last week, but unfortunately did not save it quick enough and had some computer problems, so will retake and broadcast it today.

Well life got in the way again. I still am unable to see clearly so I will not post pictures until my vision clears up. Even with my glasses, things are still fuzzy. I am improving everyday, but not fast enough for me.

I wanted to clarify some things that got left out from my last pod cast. My instructor from the “Trained Sewing Instructor” class was Mary McCarthy and here is her web site. I linked to the TSI site instead of hers. Sorry Mary.

My web site ( ) is now up. I am still fine tuning it, but that will come with time.

I also wanted to link to DYI Style McCall pattern site ( ), go check out Allyce King and Melissa Watson’s patterns. is the web site for interchangeable shoes that I love. I will have a lesson on customizing your shoes in an upcoming episode.

Well I received my new Pfaff Creative Vision sewing machine, but unfortunately UPS damaged it. I am in the process of getting a replacement, so will keep you posted on that.

On July 21st my mother had surgery; she did fine and came home the next day, but developed an infection and was readmitted to the hospital the following week, but she came home yesterday. She received some potent IV antibiotics that are healing her infection, so she will be on home IV therapy for a week or more now. That means daily trips into Pensacola to the clinic.

The night that Mom had her surgery, I went to the Emerald Coast Bead Society meeting. We had Dr. Meow ( ) there to teach us a Right Angle Weave Bracelet. I have included the following link for you to see what this is. On the Utube link she is using bicone beads, but in the class we used drop beads. Once again, I will show a picture of the one that I did.

On July 24th, I attended our ASG neighborhood group “Material Girlz” where Pat Miller was teaching Seminole patchwork pillowcase workshop. . After I left the meeting I headed over to our local Fabric outlet store and bought some Bra making material and supplies. If only I can find time to sew! Then that evening I taught an adult sewing 101 at Joann’s. We covered the basics like how to thread and operate a sewing machine, the different types of needles, threads, and fabrics. We were in the class room for 1 ½ hours and then did a walking tour of the store as I explained how to pick a pattern, choose your fabric and supplies. As we walked the different aisles of the fabric section, I explained whatever was on that aisle. It was fun to inspire and I hope that they will stop me in the store in the future and fill me in on what they are sewing.

July 25th found me in Baker Florida at Ruthies Notions ( ) where Sadia Andrews ( ) was teaching for 2 days. I was only able to attend Friday but was inspired to do some embroidery and bought a few more of her designs.

On the 28th I taught EQ6 (electric Quilt 6) at the evening quilt guild meeting. I guess most quilters would rather be sewing than on the computer, but I like this program to start my quilt and design the colors and layout. We have a quilt challenge due in September and I will post my picture when I get it done.

August 1st, I went to community quilts for our evening quilt guild. We worked on preemie quilts with the emphasis on free motion quilting. Some of our members had trouble getting the hang of it, but others took to it with minimal trouble. We had a good turn out but unfortunately the A/C was on the fritz so we only had some fans to keep us going. All in all we did accomplish 4 preemie quilts and I was able to get some kits made up for those who can not make it to the sew in.

Marge came over the other night and watched a couple of the DVD’s that I got in Chicago at the ASG conference. They were both on sewing slinky. We both have some slinky to sew, but was too afraid to cut into it. The first DVD was from Emma Seabrook, , and the second one was from Linda MacPhee, . It is so funny that Emma lives in the Florida Keyes and Linda lives in Edmonton, Alberta Canada; and their sewing techniques are as about as far apart as they live. Emma’s DVD was serious and full of information on how she sew slinky, and full of tricks and hints. Linda’s DVD was lighthearted and more of a fashion show of all her patterns. In between the models, she did give some information regarding how she cuts and sews slinky, but she goes on and shows how to embellish the slinky. So I enjoyed both DVD’s and can not wait to try to sew some up soon.

Tonight we are having our “Sew in Fashion” ASG neighborhood group and we are doing UFO’s and I will be showing a hemming technique that I learned from Threads Industry Insider Techniques DVD, Designer sewing and tailoring tips revealed! Editors of Threads with Louise Cutting. I highly recommend this DVD for some great sewing techniques.

Hardware store sewing notions:

½ inch vinyl tubing. This makes great bobbin keepers

2 inch heavy washers covered with fabric for fabric/pattern weights

sewer cloth/fabric or soil separator This makes great pattern tracings.

5 Books every sewer should have:

Power Sewing Step-by-Step by Sandra Betzina

More Fabric Savvy: A Quick Resource Guide to Selecting and Sewing Fabric Completely Revised and Updated by Sandra Betzina

Sewing for Dummies by Janice Saunders Maresh

New Complete Guide to Sewing by Editors of Reader's Digest

Sewing 101: A Beginner's Guide to Sewing by Editors of Creative Publishing

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