Saturday, August 16, 2008

Episode 5 Show notes

Sewing podcasts and web sites:

1. Lori does a wonderful job both on her blog and I love her interview podcasts.
2. Behind the Seams is a great blog on sewing information and supplies.
3. and Craft Stylish and Be sew stylish links
4. This is a subscription web site that I enjoy. It has videos, tips and techniques, inspirational stories.
5. Wonderful information for all who sews.
6. Lots of information on basic sewing and projects.
7. Nutmeg’s web site and podcast.
8. Julie-Ann McFann podcast and blog about sewing with her grandmothers sewing machine and cabinet

General Quilting podcasts and web sites

1. Kay Wood has videos on sewing, quilting and what I love is the segments on Lazy Girl design purses.
2. This is an online quilting and embellishment website where you take classes.
3. Alex Anderson web site and pod casts.
4. Annie Smith web site and pod cast.

General Jewelry, Beading and Crafting podcasts and web sites

1. Allison Lee’s CraftCast is a wonderful blog and podcast on jewelry making, sewing, painting, and a plethora of other topics.
2. How to TV online has video’s on jewelry, scrap booking and other topics.
3. Full of information on beading and jewelry making.

General mixed media and fiber podcasts and web sites

1. This is a wonderful website with links to felting and other fiber arts.
2. Mixed media web site with projects and inspirations.
3. Holly is a local artist that sells roving and yarns that she has dyed into wonderful color ways.
4. Joggles is a wonderful site for supplies and also online classes.
5. Syne Mitchell podcast and blog about hand weavers.

Computer and Digital information
Kim is known as the “Digital Goddess” as a tongue in cheek note. I listen to her podcast and receive her newsletters. I have learned so much from her that I had to include this site.

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